Privacy Policy is dedicated to protecting all your information whenever you log in to our website. This policy basically describes how your personal information is handled.


The policy is divided into two parts; the first shows what kind of information is collected, the second part shows how the information can be used. Therefore by using our website and accepting the terms of this policy you consent with our collecting of the information and the use of such information as indicated in the policy


Part 1:

Collection of information


What kind of information do we collect?

The nature of business between us and our clients may prompt us to collect, store or use the following information.

  1. Information about your computer. This may be your ip address, your browser type, operating system type, referral source, duration of visit, physical address, service navigation and paths of this website navigation.
  2. Information about any transaction between you and us regarding our website.
  • Any information you may send to us regarding our services or request for email notifications.


Part 2:

Using your personal information


Information that you submit to us may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Administering the website
  2. Improving your browsing history by personalizing the website
  • Improving your usage of other services we offer
  1. Sending statements and invoices to you
  2. Collecting payments from you
  3. Sending you non-marketing or commercial communications
  • Sending you email communications as per your request
  • Dealing with complains made by you or about you regarding our website


Our guarantees


Once you give us your information for publication or any other specified reason we shall use it according to the permission or license you give us. We value the confidentiality of our customers and we safeguard all information you give us.


No information shall be given to third parties unless within permitted legal limits. In such cases we shall conveniently communicate to you. Besides that, no information is shared to third parties. Never give your payment details to anyone including our support team. Payments are done solely by clients using trusted platforms such as paypal


Finally, your assignment details and completed paper are treated solely as your official copyright paper and cannot be resold or shared to any other person.