Report writing

Custom report writing help

At we have a custom report writing department that specializes in writing such assignments. A good report requires a lot of knowledge and preparation as well as personal investigation and documented details such as experimental data and statistical data. They are different categories and types that you are required to accomplish during your education and they differ by writing manner or by disciplines.


Examples of reports


Business reports- They are used in business environment to describe the company, market situation or present ideas. They can be either formal or informal. Informal reports are usually short and are written as memos or letter while formal reports requires detailed information.


Formal reports- They collect and interpret then report the information to the audience. They are major accounts of major accounts. They require a lot of research, analytical research and are very complex. They mainly start with presenting information, analyzing and making conclusions then recommendations on the basis of collected and presented information.


Field reports- These reports mainly studies the field. They are a final product and presentation of a field study that has been carried in natural settings.


Book reports- Dedicate majority of their space to plot information summary of a book. They end with brief and extensive personal statements.


Technical reports- These reports are technical in nature and are required by specific disciplines. They focus on specific audience, have a constant format and reflect on the needs and principles of discipline.