Revision Policy

Quality custom writing services to our clients


At best custom, we endeavor to render quality services to our clients at all times. However, in the event that you are not satisfied with the service given, we can grant a limited number of 3 free revisions maximum.

Free revisions

We encourage our clients to thoroughly read through the submitted documents in good time because we shall only render revision services within 30 days after receiving your assignment. We shall not however accept to carry out any revisions if the client has altered the submitted documents in any way.


Revision may also be rejected on grounds that our quality assurance team asserts that the initial instructions rendered by you have been met to the latter. Any additional work review requested by the client with new instructions after the document has been submitted to them will definitely attract extra charges.


The client must give a reasonable deadline for the writer to submit the reviewed document within the given period. At least 7 days for ordinary work like essays and 30 days for research or dissertation works.