Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction


1.1 What are the terms and conditions of this company and who do they apply to?

Welcome to the best custom writings.com website (“Site” or “Best custom writings’’).


This site is owned and operated by Best Custom Writings Limited (‘BCW’).


For the purposes of this website, “We”, “our team”, “our company”, all refer as bestcustomwritings.com


These terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms of Use”) along with privacy policy, revision policy and refund policy (altogether “Policies”) as amended, will guide your use of this Site’s services.


The terms “student” and “client” refer to the person who accesses the services of best custom writings.com and is fully aware of the rules, regulations and policies governing this site.


The term “product” refers to the type of writing services offered by our company.

These include: – Essays, school assignments, proposals, thesis, dissertation, term papers, book reviews, coursework among others.


The term “order” refers to the procedure the client undertakes to request for writing services from our site.


The ordering process starts as soon as the client clicks the order now button and enters the relevant detailed requirements on our website.

1.2 What other documents do you need to refer to when reading our terms and conditions?

Our terms and conditions also include:

  1. About us- which gives a brief description of the company
  2. Our Privacy Policy
  3. Our Frequently Asked Questions-which contains precise information about the services we offer
  4. Our guarantees-which elaborate on our promises to you
  5. Our Revision policy-which gives details about how revisions are done and within the time-frame they can be claimed(only within 30 days after the paper has been submitted)

You are required to read all the above documents before using our site.

1.3 The consequences of using and accessing this site

By submitting an order or paying for any service in this site you are legally bound to these terms and conditions. Kindly do not use our services if you do not accept any of our terms.

2. Refund Policy


The client is liable to get his or her money back within 30 days after receiving the paper if they are not satisfied with our services on reasonable grounds. The paper can be written from scratch and revised without the client paying a penny but only if the client requests this within the stipulated time frame which is 30 days after the he or she receives the paper. After 30 days of submission of the paper the client is no longer liable to any refund.
We strongly encourage our clients to thoroughly read through the paper after they have received it. We can only guarantee you a revision or refund within 30 days after you have received the paper. After 30 days you are no longer entitled to a revision, refund or the paper being re-written from scratch.

3. Acceptance of our terms and conditions

This agreement is exclusively entered by bestcustomwritings.com, its writers, editors and the client.
It shall therefore be binding to the parties involved and shall only be terminated on submission of each successfully completed work.


By accessing this Site, you the client certify your agreement to abide by the Terms, Conditions and policies applicable herein, and is responsible for any actions reactions and omissions accruing to this website whether you did or did not read the same.


Best custom writings reserve the exclusive right to alter, and or modify the Terms of Use and Policies at any time, and without prior notice whatsoever.


Kindly, endeavor to keep up with the changes by constantly reading the terms, conditions and policies.


In the event that BCW decides to change the terms of use and policies of this Site, we will post a version of the new changes of the Terms of Use and update them online.
Such changes will be deemed effective as soon as they are posted, without due regard to notifications.


Continued access or use of this Site after the alteration of Terms of Use and Policies constitutes total acceptance to the new Terms and Conditions and are therefore fully bound by the same.


If at all you are uncertain about any part of the Terms of use available on our Site, feel free to seek further clarification from our team and clear whatever doubts thereof.